Top-Tips For Reducing Hospitality Energy Bills

For hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, slimming electricity bills requires a multi-track approach.

restaurant gas bills too high You should make sure you have the most efficient equipment, know the areas where most energy is being used and make sure you are getting the best price for it.

Here are our top tips on slashing your energy bills.

Generate efficiencies

Many of these tips require you to install new, more efficient equipment. When looking to invest in new energy-saving equipment you should consider the initial costs, and the potential annual savings to calculate a repayment time.

Anything with a payback time lower than a few years is well worth the investment.

Done right you could generate up to 40% reduction in your energy bills from energy efficiencies alone.

Lighting efficiency

  • Fitting energy efficient light bulbs could save 75% of your electricity bill.
  • Sensors which extinguish the lights when a room is not in use can generate significant savings in rooms such as toilets or storerooms.

Heating efficiency

  • Don’t be tempted to change the thermostat regularly. This uses a lot more energy than simply maintaining a constant temperature.
  • Insulating your pipes is very cheap and can generate huge savings in terms of the heat that is normally wasted.
  • Service your boiler regularly and replace older models. While replacing an old boiler is expensive, the long-term savings can make it worthwhile.

Water efficiency

  • Flow regulators on taps can significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary water used by your guests.
  • Low-flush toilets are a great way of reducing water consumption in bathrooms. You can make a DIY low-flush toilet simply by putting a brick in the cistern – this is an easy way of reducing the amount of water used per flush.

Insulation efficiency

  • Double glazed windows reduce around 25% of heat loss that occurs through single-glazed windows.
  • Draught proofing can prevent a further 35% of heat loss.
  • Insulate your wall cavities to stop a potential 9% of heat escaping.
  • Insulate your roof to save up to 22% of heat loss.

Monitor your usage

Installing a smart meter in your restaurant or hotel is a great way of saving money. Not only do smart meters, coupled with elaborate reporting platforms, allow you to say goodbye to estimated bills. But they also allow you to better monitor your energy consumption and identify areas where savings could be generated.

By collecting this data on your energy consumption you can identify areas where energy consumption is being used efficiently and where it is being used wastefully, such as at night.

Switch to a cheaper supplier

The quickest and easiest way to reduce your energy bills is to switch to a cheaper supplier.

At Business we pride ourselves on finding the cheapest possible gas deals for all of our customers. Get in touch to save today – call us on 0800 157 7175.

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