Online Gas Reporting

shutterstock_105421988They say that knowl­edge is power and, in terms of keep­ing your busi­ness lean and mean, it couldn’t be truer.

For instance, if you’re look­ing to save money on your energy bills (and why wouldn’t you be), the first step is know­ing where, when and how you are using that energy.

Busi­ness Gas.Com offer an advanced web-based energy report­ing ser­vice which gives you access to all your half hourly util­ity data.

Our ser­vice pro­vides you with a detailed pic­ture of exactly how much gas and elec­tric­ity you are using — as well as where and when. And if the sys­tem iden­ti­fies any areas of waste, it alerts you by email.

More power to you.

Key Ben­e­fits Summary

  • View all your util­ity data in one place
  • See actual costs before your sup­plier bills you
  • Iden­tify all areas of energy waste
  • Auto­matic man­age­ment & excep­tion reports
  • Elim­i­nate esti­mated bills