The BIG Gas Market Jargon-buster and Acronym-fixer

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Define common gas market jargon We always try to help our customers better understand the energy market – and use smart meters and gas loggers to help customers better understand their consumption patterns.

Here is a jargon buster prepared by us to help you understand some of the more complex aspects of the gas buying market. If you have any other questions please get in touch via our online form, through social media or in the comments section below.

Defining gas terminology and acronyms

Annual Quantity

The total quantity of gas consumed by a business or household over one year.


British Thermal Units – the amount of therms consumed by a particular piece of equipment during a specified period, this measure can be used to forecast daily, weekly and annual consumption.


Climate Change Levy – a tax imposed by government on the use of energy in industry, commerce and public sector.


Distribution Network Operator – the company which owns and maintains your energy network.


Estimated Annual Consumption – an estimated forecast annual energy consumption. This can be worked out using historical meter data or a smart meter.

End user

The ultimate consumer of gas in residential, commercial or industrial setting.

Energy broker

An individual or a company acting on behalf of a client to get the best deal on energy.

Fixed price contract

A contract which guarantees a set price for the duration of a contract which insulates consumers against price shifts.

Gas Buying Group

A group of businesses who join together to buy higher volumes of gas. By grouping with other gas intensive companies they stand to benefit from better economies of scale and ultimately a cheaper wholesale price.

Gas Supplier

A company that sells gas to the end consumer.


Gigawatt – equal to one million kilowatts.


kilowatt hour – the most commonly used unit for energy in gas.


Meter Point Reference – the unique reference number which appears on your gas bill. It is used to identify your gas supply.


Office of Gas & Electricity Markets – the regulatory body of the energy market in the UK.


A somewhat dated measure for volume of gas delivered. It has largely been replaced by the kWh. 1 Therm = 29.3071 kWh.

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