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business gas price buyingDoes your present gas contract end between December and May? If so, the chances are you will be renewing your gas contract in October or early next year – in other words, Winter.

Why is that significant? It’s still not common knowledge but if you negotiate your business gas contract in the colder months, you could be paying significantly more than if you negotiated in the summer months.

The weather can have a huge impact on gas prices. And it’s logical when you think about it. When you come in from work at night, unless it’s already on, the first thing you do is fire up the boiler. Likewise, first thing in the morning, we all like to wake up to a nice toasty house (if you’re anything like me, it’s tricky getting out of bed otherwise!) so the heating’s set to come on early. If you work from home, or are retired, the chances are its on for the majority of the day.

More importantly, if you’re a business, it could be on for very long periods, ensuring your workforce are comfortable and likewise your customers.

No market is impervious to the forces of supply and demand and the gas market fluctuates in the same way the price of tennis rackets goes up every June. When winter is in full flow, and demand is high, your gas prices will be 10 to 15% higher than if you were looking at gas prices on a hot summers day – at a minimum. And there are fluctuations within the seasonal price changes: when the UK has a cold snap (and there’s been plenty over recent years) the price rises sharply.

If you’re checking your rates at this time of year, you’re already way behind the smart business gas buyers. The fact is, while you are sitting at your desk negotiating your gas contract, your business competitors have already signed their new gas contract at lower rates.

buying group

How our gas buying group gets you better gas rates

Business Gas.Com can offer you a short-term contract to see you through to 30th September 2014. After this, you will then join other UK businesses that are already taking advantage of excellent gas rates, purchased through our gas buying group. Even better, when that contract ends on 30th September 2016, the rates we’re able to negotiate for 2015 and 2016

are even cheaper than the previous ones. (Please see below rates)

Why pay more for something that’s cheaper at a different time of year. It’s simple. If you want cheaper gas for your business, don’t buy gas over winter.

Buying gas the Business Gas way will, over time, give you a real and tangible saving of at least 10%. We’re sure you can find a better use to put that money to!

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