Why your business needs a gas smart meter.

Smart meters are the next generation of utility metering technology, doing away with inaccurate and misleading estimated bills. Smart meter readings are 100% accurate and your bills are based on real time energy consumption information.

The great advantage of gas smart meters is that they can provide accurate, right up to the minute usage data, from any meter, at any time. This through a system called AMR (Automated Metering Reading) and, unlike traditional meter reading companies, there’s no need for a meter reader to physically visit your business to get your usage information. This means a better, more accurate, more frequent and cheaper service than previously possible.

919977Key advantages of smart business gas metering include:
•    100% accurate Gas billing
•    Better forecasting and budgeting capability
•    Help towards measuring and reducing carbon
•    Ability to monitor consumption and spot usage patterns & wastage
•    Understanding how and where you are using gas the most
•    Measure the effectiveness of carbon reduction strategies

BusinessGas.Com can get you started quickly and easily, replacing your old gas meter with an OFGEM certified, pulsed gas meter and data logger and accredited DCDA. This enables us to collect and send data through the Gas Industry Data Transfer Network. BusinessGAs.com supplies most UK energy suppliers with monthly data, and some with daily profile data.

A great feature of the smart metering system is that you own the data completely and can have unfettered access to it. If you’re interested in benefiting from this market leading system please contact us.

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