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UK business gas prices – the current situation

We are now deep in the winter months. And for many businesses, even those who dont use gas as part of their core business processes, it means in increase in gas usage and the impact that will have on business energy bills. Meanwhile the current energy environment is a confusing – and at times contradictory… Read more »

British Gas in the news again

It’s safe to say that energy com­pa­nies are not everyone’s best friend in 2014.  Nor are they top of our Christ­mas card lists — espe­cially when what the send us back in the post isn’t nearly as wel­come.   And with find­ings such as this recent dis­cov­ery from Ofgem, it’s really not surprising. Of course a… Read more »

Business Energy Buying Group — 5 Reasons To Join

From the very begin­nings of evo­lu­tion itself, and through the pas­sage of the ages ever since, two basic fun­da­men­tals have held true.  Num­ber one: The big fish get to eat the lit­tle fish.  Num­ber two: The big fish get big­ger.  Charles Dar­win knew this… even if he was less sure as to how to keep… Read more »

Restaurants – join our Gas Buying Group and save money!

Lower gas rates – GUARANTEED! Up until now, your gas will have been priced on general usage throughout the day, with no differentiation between usage patterns during that time. Accordingly, your gas supplier will price your contract based on just daily usage. However, when you look into the main usage patterns for most restaurants, they… Read more »

Fracking business gas prices.

The decline in carbon energy resources, combined with volatility in the oil market has led to ever more ingenious methods of energy extraction.  And one method aimed at reducing business gas prices is the process of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”.  Developed in America, fracking involves the rupturing of rock to allow for the natural shale… Read more »