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Top tips for cutting business energy bills in autumn/winter

2015 brought yet another disappointing summer in the UK, but the chances are you didn’t have to turn the lights and heating on too regularly. Well that’s all about to change as the winds pick up and the leaves begin to fall. Autumn is here and it won’t be long before you have to think… Read more »

The new wave of smart heating systems

The future looks smart for energy consumption. Following some high profile success stories in the non-domestic energy market, smart-thermostats and other smart heating systems are beginning to break into the mainstream consumer market. Domestic and non-domestic energy customers are going to be better informed about their energy situation. They will know how and when to… Read more »

How a Marriott is slashing its energy bills

Hotel managers know that it takes a lot of running around and pleasant smiles to keep guests happy but it also takes a lot of electricity and gas to feed, warm and sleep dozens of people. Business work with hoteliers up and down the country, ensuring they get the best deal on their energy… Read more »

How the Internet of Things can cut business gas costs

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a great deal of potential to generate change in society. Devices and appliances, or ‘things’, which can detect change via sensors and then communicate this information over the Internet are seen as real technology game changers. As time goes on the electronics and sensors needed to make this happen will… Read more »

Top-Tips For Reducing Hospitality Energy Bills

For hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, slimming electricity bills requires a multi-track approach. You should make sure you have the most efficient equipment, know the areas where most energy is being used and make sure you are getting the best price for it. Here are our top tips on slashing your energy bills. Generate… Read more »