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So….. why bother with fracking?

You will, no doubt, have seen many media reports around fracking and wondered what the fuss is all about. Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) is the mechanism by which sand, water and chemicals are pumped into the ground in order to fracture rocks and thereby release the shale gas contained within. So far so good… but… Read more »

Time for making business gas savings.

The decorations are long down, the once shimmering Christmas tree now consigned, rather ignominiously, to the Christmas tree graveyard in the local dump. And rather like clearing out the decorations, these often quieter, early months of the year also provide the perfect opportunity to clear the desk, de-populate the in-tray, and start to think a… Read more »

How do we safeguard our gas supply?

In a plot reminiscent of a James Bond film, in late December 2013 the British government announced the construction of a massive new oil pipeline across Europe. The geopolitical narrative that underlies this development is, of course, the diminishing resources of gas in Europe, and the reliance many countries now have on Russia.  Russia holds… Read more »

Rising UK gas prices

Just when you thought it was safe to come out from under the duvet, news reaches us of yet more potential rises in gas prices.  This, of course, is not welcome festive news for the thousands of companies who need to factor business energy usage into their bottom line.  Well, here at Business, we… Read more »

Uk farm concerns at fracking for gas

Fracking’ has been in the news a great deal recently.  Developed in the US, fracking is the process of hydraulically extracting shale gas – a natural energy source.  In a culture of diminishing natural energy resources that might, at first, be seen to be a good thing.  However, it is the process itself that is… Read more »