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How the Internet of Things can cut business gas costs

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a great deal of potential to generate change in society. Devices and appliances, or ‘things’, which can detect change via sensors and then communicate this information over the Internet are seen as real technology game changers. As time goes on the electronics and sensors needed to make this happen will… Read more »

20% of Business Leaders Don’t Understand Energy Bills

A survey of business leaders published last month revealed some concerning insights. It found that one in five business people do not understand even the most basic aspects of their energy bill, and consequently are paying higher prices than they should be. The findings paint a bleak picture of energy intelligence within British businesses. A massive… Read more »

Top-Tips For Reducing Hospitality Energy Bills

For hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, slimming electricity bills requires a multi-track approach. You should make sure you have the most efficient equipment, know the areas where most energy is being used and make sure you are getting the best price for it. Here are our top tips on slashing your energy bills. Generate… Read more »

Is Russia Putin Up European Gas Prices?

Energy market analysts have a particularly strong understanding of cause and effect. They are experts at spotting links between two events which, on face value, seem vastly unrelated. One such link can be found between a few words spoken by a man on the other side of the globe, and the cost of heating a… Read more »

Higher Energy Prices Expected as Supply Giants Cut Industry Investment

Many businesses and consumers are enjoying the positive effects of falling oil prices in the UK. At the same time though, many large energy companies, as well as their investors, are cringing at the thought of $50 oil barrels. Pinched profits and falling share prices have forced industry executives into taking ill-advised investment decisions. Many commentators… Read more »