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Five reasons to switch your business gas supply today

In all likelihood, energy is one of your top three business expenses. Whether you run a restaurant, manage a manufacturing company or own a chain of stores, gas and electricity bills can seriously hinder your overall financial health. Every business should periodically assess energy procurement, evaluating the current supplier and thinking whether there is a… Read more »

SME buying strategy: going direct or using a gas broker

When it comes to purchasing business gas or any utility for that matter, owner-managers have two main choices. Do you go to a supplier directly and try to negotiate your own rate. Or do you arrange a contract through a broker or third party consultant. Your decision should depend on a few key questions: How… Read more »

Cold start to September leads to wholesale price increase

Day-ahead, week-ahead and month-ahead gas prices have all increased, and the threat of more hard weather looms for UK  businesses. Wholesale natural gas prices increased yesterday as a frosty start to September boosted demand. Meanwhile supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) fell and anticipated Norwegian flows dropped for the coming week. After a record breaking… Read more »

Is British Gas Business in hot water?

British Gas is in a spot of bother again. This time, the Business-facing arm of the company, British Gas Business saw its profits tumble 95% in the first half of 2015. This comes after a billing blunder in 2014 which put costs up and impacted on the company’s ability to deliver good customer service. British Gas… Read more »

My mission as your energy procurement expert

When it comes to the gas and electricity markets, my aim is to both secure my clients the best possible price and to reduce their usage, saving them more money on their gas and electricity bills. Most consultants and energy advisors treat this as a job. For me it’s a vocation. I work the hours… Read more »