Uk farm concerns at fracking for gas

Fracking’ has been in the news a great deal recently.  Developed in the US, fracking is the process of hydraulically extracting shale gas – a natural energy source.  In a culture of diminishing natural energy resources that might, at first, be seen to be a good thing.  However, it is the process itself that is… Read more »

Fracking business gas prices.

The decline in carbon energy resources, combined with volatility in the oil market has led to ever more ingenious methods of energy extraction.  And one method aimed at reducing business gas prices is the process of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”.  Developed in America, fracking involves the rupturing of rock to allow for the natural shale… Read more »

Why your business needs a gas smart meter.

Smart meters are the next generation of utility metering technology, doing away with inaccurate and misleading estimated bills. Smart meter readings are 100% accurate and your bills are based on real time energy consumption information. The great advantage of gas smart meters is that they can provide accurate, right up to the minute usage data,… Read more »