Higher Energy Prices Expected as Supply Giants Cut Industry Investment

Many businesses and consumers are enjoying the positive effects of falling oil prices in the UK. At the same time though, many large energy companies, as well as their investors, are cringing at the thought of $50 oil barrels. Pinched profits and falling share prices have forced industry executives into taking ill-advised investment decisions. Many commentators… Read more »

New CMA Report: Small Business Can Save Money by Switching Energy Suppliers

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has released a report claiming that energy customers – including small and medium sized businesses, as well as microbusinesses – can save money by switching energy suppliers. Recently, we reported that Government energy ministers were preparing to launch a fresh ‘energy-switch campaign’ and this latest report appears to represent Government… Read more »

Government Ministers To Inject More Competition Into The Energy Market

Later this month Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, will launch a new campaign urging customers to shop around for the best deal on their energy supply. The new energy switching drive will come weeks after the Which? consumer group reported that the ‘Big Six’ energy firms  hadn’t cut their prices in line… Read more »

Get Your Business ESOS Fit

Time is ticking for your business to comply with the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Businesses which qualify for the scheme are obligated to carry out audits, identify efficiency savings and file reports with a lead assessor no later than December 5th 2015. There is a lot to do in less than a year…. Read more »

The BIG Gas Market Jargon-buster and Acronym-fixer

At Business Gas.com we are committed to transparency. Our clients love doing business with us because we are open about the nature of our contracts and always accessible whenever there is an issue. We always try to help our customers better understand the energy market – and use smart meters and gas loggers to help… Read more »