8 FAQS about our gas buying group

Our expert advisors are used to handling questions about our Gas Buying Group. Below, we’ve tried to answer some of the questions that we get asked most often.

What is a Gas Buying Group?

A gas buying group is an amalgamation of businesses with the purpose of negotiating cheaper gas prices through purchasing collectively. Approved group members team up to buy gas in greater volumes – at the best possible price.

Do I Fit The Bill?

To qualify for our larger buying group your business needs to use a minimum of 100,000kwh of gas per year. This can be split across multiple sites, as long as the total consumption of all sites is above 100,000kwh. We also have a smaller gas buying group for businesses that do not meet the 100,000kwh threshold.

gas buying group FAQsAm I Under Any Kind of Obligation?

If our offer to you is less than 7.5% cheaper than your current rate then you are under no obligation to accept, so there’s nothing to lose.

What if My Current Contract Ends in June?

The buying group contract ends on the 30th September each year. However, if your existing contract with another supplier ends at any other time, we can offer you a short term contract that will expire at the send of September – so you can still enjoy the benefits of buying in bulk.

How do I Join the Buying Group?

To join the Business Gas buying group just speak to one of our advisors on 0800 1577 175 and they will handle all of the admin work. Once you’re in, the day-to-day management of the contract is minimal.

Is it free to Join?


What about Something to Sweeten the Deal?

When you sign up we’ll give you a gas smart meter AND a full years daily online reporting AND a bill validation system – all for free!

So let me get this straight, I’ll get a better price on my gas, a brand new ‘smart’ gas meter and a free gas logger and all I have to do is pick up the phone?

AND the more we buy, the cheaper it gets!

If you’re interested in joining our buying group and making fantastic savings on yout business gas, call us now on 0800 157 7175!

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